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BHO (Browser Helper Object) Programming

We provide BHO (Browser Helper Object) programming & development service. We develop Custom Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), Browser Toolbars, Deskbar and Search Plug-ins like Google Toolbar and Yahoo Companion. We provide Custom BHO solutions that suit your specifications and requirements. We provide BHO Programming, Browser Plug-in development service to our clients all over the world. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your BHO (Browser Helper Object) project & request quote for programming. We respect your privacy and we assure you that your information will be kept safe and will not be disclosed to any third party. We have developed several BHOs for our clients all over the world and we can develop any required feature in your custom browser helper object. We work more like friends than like development partners plus we have extensive expertise of providing programming & development service of browser helper objects.

Key Benefits of a Browser Helper Object (BHO)

With the use of BHO (browser helper object) technology, we can develop in–process components (DLL) which Internet Explorer will load (in hidden mode) each time it starts up. These browser helper objects run in the same memory space as the internet explorer and can perform various actions on the browser window. A BHO, when installed gets integrated with the browser's window in hidden mode so the end user doesn't notice any program running. The beauty of a browser helper object is that a new instance of the BHO is created with each new instance of Internet explorer and the BHO instance is destroyed when the browser window is closed. So, they work only when the internet explorer is activated and open. This way, they do not put much pressure on the CPU and memory resources. End user doesn't notice any change in the computer speed.

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We have extensive expertise in the development of Browser Helper Objects. A few examples of the browser helper objects we have developed so far are mentioned below

  • Delivering Targeted advertisements and offers to end users based on their
    • web surfing habits
    • language
    • geographical location
  • Context menu handlers. For example, inserting a "right click" context menu item that performs a custom function according to your specifications.
  • Error handlers to monitoring web events such as HTTP 404 and DNS errors.
  • URL Redirection on HTTP 404 and DNS Errors.
  • Keywords detection on web pages and conversion to clickable links.
  • Highlight selected keywords on web pages and link them to specified URL.

There are endless possibilities with BHO technology and many situations in which Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) can be used are :

  • Contextual Marketing & Advertisement Plugins.
  • Popup Killers.
  • Download Managers.
  • Monitoring user’s web surfing habits.
  • Internet usage, market research and recording of shopping activity.
  • Providing personalized profiles for customized settings.
  • Developing custom Web browsers.
  • Customizing companion bars. Tool bars and menus in user’s web browser.
  • Providing details regarding stocks, exchange rates, weather, sports etc in real time.
  • Providing information on various discount offers and other useful information.
  • Content handling for data with certain Mime types like Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Auto form filling applications.

Please, let us know if you would like to have any detailed proposals. We are flexible on discussions regarding payments. Our prime objective is customer satisfaction and fulfilment of his needs. We believe in long term relations with our clients. Our Service and Support adds to our goodwill.

FAQ about BHO (Browser Helper Objects)

A Browser Helper Object (BHO) is a DLL module designed as a plugin for Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser to provide added functionality. BHOs were introduced in October 1997 with the release of version 4 of Internet Explorer. Most BHOs are loaded once by each new instance of Internet Explorer.

Some modules enable the display of different file formats not ordinarily interpretable by the browser. The Adobe Acrobat plugin that allows Internet Explorer users to read PDF files within their browser is a BHO. Other modules add toolbars to Internet Explorer, such as the Alexa Toolbar that provides a list of web sites related to the one you are currently browsing, or the Google Toolbar that adds a toolbar with a Google search box to the browser user interface.

What is a BHO (Browser Helper Object)?

A BHO, or browser helper object, is a component of Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser application. It is an add-in designed to provide or expand the functionality of the browser and allow developers to improve the Web browser with new features. Designed by Microsoft with the best of intentions, BHO's or 'Browser Helper Objects' are intended to be a feature of the Internet Explorer web browser which can be used to add functionality. Unfortunately, malware authors have also exploited the power of BHO's for other purposes such as spreading spyware.

BHO can be used to install additional features or functions that are useful, it can also be exploited to install features or functions that are malicious. Some applications, such as the Google or Yahoo toolbars, are examples of good BHO's. But, there are also many examples of BHO's which are used to hijack your Web browser home page, spy on your Internet activities and other malicious actions.


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